Sony PXW-FS5

Pick it up. Wrap your hand around the rotating Smart Grip. Line up a shot. You’ll immediately understand why Sony created the PXW-FS5. It’s the next step in Sony’s handheld revolution. Small as it is, the camera delivers uncompromising performance with Sony’s Super35 sensor, 4K onboard recording and wireless streaming. The PXW-FS5. Just wait until you get your hands on it.



Second-generation Smart Grip

Handheld comfort is not simply a matter of weight. It’s also a question of balance. Of positive grip with your right hand. Of high-angle, low-angle and in-between shots. That’s what made the rotating Smart Grip of Sony’s FS7 such a success. And that’s why Sony’s engineers designed a new version of the Smart Grip for the FS5. To capture every angle, it rotates a full 360°. To enhance your control, it incorporates assignable buttons, an assignable dial and joystick. And to promote ideal front-rear balance, you can attach an industry-standard rosette to use with Sony’s FS7 telescoping arm or third-party accessories (rosette, arm and accessories all sold separately).

4K Super35 Image Sensor

Sony is the world leader* in image sensors. And it shows. The FS5 delivers formidable exposure latitude with 14 stops of dynamic range. And beautiful color. And high sensitivity. And stunning 4K resolution. Of course, the Super35 format also gives you the shallow depth of field so important in cinematic storytelling. And the sensor performs beautifully with Sony’s established S-Log2 and S-Log3 encoding and S-Gamut3.cine mode.


4K XAVC™ L Recording on Board

If you want to capture 4K, the camera offers built-in 3840 x 2160 recording. And while the resolution is phenomenal, the bit rates are reasonable. Thanks to Sony’s advanced XAVC™ L codec, you can capture 4K at a modest 100 Mbps (maximum). So you’re not over-burdening your memory cards, your desktop storage or your network. Of course, the XAVC L codec can also capture beautiful 1080p HD, with rich 4:2:2 color and nuanced 10-bit grayscale – all at an extremely affordable 25, 35 or 50 Mbps.

In the future, there will even be the option to record RAW externally (details to be announced.)


Sony’s 18-105mm E-Mount Servo Zoom

While Sony’s E-Mount system provides a world of lens choices, Sony’s 18-105mm servo zoom (SEL-P18105G) does what still-image lenses do not. The precision servo provides smoother zoom than you could accomplish by hand. Meticulous optical design maintains axial image consistency across the zoom range. Constant F4 aperture eliminates unwanted exposure changes during a zoom. Sony’s image stabilization reduces the effects of camera shake. And internal zoom means the front of the lens does not extend, so it will not interfere with your matte box.

Built-in wireless streaming

Whether you need wireless remote control from an Android® or iOS® device, wireless streaming to a client monitor or wireless file transfers to editorial, the PXW-FS5 is beautifully equipped. RJ-45 Ethernet connector, Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) are built in. And the camera streams wirelessly to compatible third-party MPEG TS receivers and computers.